The Porter County Wildlife Management Advisory Board and the Porter County Animal Shelter are teaming up again for the 5th Annual Celebration of Wildlife on May 31st and June 1st, 2014.

On Saturday we will be highlighting native and exotic wildlife. Settler's Pond will be returning this year with their menagerie of exotic animals they have rescued from homes throughout the eastern United States. This year will also feature a lecture with live bats and a snake exhibit with large constrictor type snakes.

On Sunday we will be working with the Porter County Animal Shelter to bring a number of dog and cat rescue groups with adoptable animals. Bring your pets for our pet contests. Father Roger Bower will be blessing your pets, so please bring your best friends for the special treat.

The Duneland Exchange Club will be hosting the Frog Hunt on Saturday. Children will be able to search for plastic frogs on the trails of Sunset. Some of the frogs will have dollar values up to $500!!

Please join us for a day of family fun.

Important info

Chck back often for important updates to the event. We are working extra hard this year to provide an extra special day for families to come and enjoy our furry friends. (And some scaly friends, too!)

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Pet Blessing

Father Roger Bower will be blessing our pets on Sunday at 1pm.
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Vested Interest

On Sunday Vested Interest will be presenting bulletproof vests to the Valparaiso Police Department's K-9 unit!
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Fair Oaks Farms

Fair Oaks Farms will be joining us on Saturday with an educational trailer for kids!
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Event Coordinator 5/30/2014

Vested interest in K-9’s to date has awarded over 1000 vests ....

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Event Coordinator 5/28/2014

In 2011, Michelle Duca, the founder of the Kibble Kitchen became ....

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Event Coordinator 5/25/2014

Have you given rescue and adoption consideration? 3 to 4 million ....

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