Hero Pet Award

Hero Pet Award

Is your pet a HERO?

Intelligent and loyal, fearless and courageous. Strong and powerful, kind and gentle who offer unconditional love and support. These are all noble qualities of true heroes.

Our animals capture our hearts and attention like few others. There are so many times, we go without, so that our friend can have and so many more times than not, our friend goes beyond to repay the act of kindness to become our hero.

Some animals are movie and television heroes such as Lassie, Old Yellow, Flipper and Silver. Some are famous in their own right for their acts of heroism and devotion, companionship and leadership.

We salute The Rescue Dogs of 911, Leader Dogs, Pets for Vets, Therapy and Hero Horses and Cats. We celebrate the Buddy, Mij, Tara the Cat, Cairo, Trakr, Sgt Reckless, Oogy and Susie's in our world.

The bond between animal and mankind is undeniably forged with dedication and a love that transcends. It is a relationship that goes beyond devotion. It is a connection that cannot be broken.

My hero's name is Clark. My loyal companion. The one I share my home with. The one that remains at the foot of my bed and in my heart. My fearless protector. The gentle soul with deep, loving amber eyes. The one that was left behind, but humbly, chose me as his caretaker. The Rescue dog who rescued me and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I celebrate him today. Who will you celebrate?

We are looking for the most inpsiring story in what makes your pet a hero! Has your pet saved you or someone else from injury or worse! Does your pet serve as more than a simple companion? Is your pet a service dog that helps you get through the struggles of life? Has your pet helped someone through a traumatic experience, such as PTSD? Or has your pet overcome its own serious problems to serve as an inspiration to everyone'e lives and hearts that they have touched?

If so, we want to hear from you! All of our pets are special, but we want to find that special story that will inpsire us all! Of course a special pet deserves a special reward! Our staff has put together a special package for our winner:

  • We are putting together some great prizes for this year's winner!

  • $500 vet credit and 300 pounds of Earthborn Holistic Pet Food for 1st place!

  • $300 vet credit and 200 pounds of Earthborn Holistic Pet Food for 2nd place!

  • $200 vet credit and 100 pounds of Earthborn Holistic Pet Food for 3rd place!

  • One year supply of Heartguard and Frontline courtesy of McAfee Animal Hospital

Entry is easy! Download your entry form here, Enter Online!, or visit one of our participating locations:

  • McAfee Animal Hospital
  • Healthi Paws

and return it to :

Celebration of Wildlife
709 Plaza Dr. Ste 2-115
Chesterton, IN 46304

Entries must be postmarked by September 20th, 2019. On September 21st, the four finalists will be posted on this site for voting by the public.

The pet that receives the most votes by the end of the day on October 5th will be declared the winner.

Join us at Sunset Hill farm on October 6th as we crown our HERO PET!!